Funny Friday – Weekly Roundup

Funny Friday – Weekly Roundup

This week seemed a dizzy rush for me all along, spiced with depressing weather and sleep deprivation. I will not bore you with the details as this Friday is supposed to be another funny one, so let me just state it has something to do with kids, event planning, and work. Don’t know about you, but most of the times the most peaceful moments of the day are those when I browse through my Feedly list of posts to read with a hot mug of coffee before the family wakes up. Now I will try to share those moments from this week with you (in meme style of course).

To be honest, I really wanted to write a full Funny Friday style post about the event which made everyone excited this week, but I failed to do so. I came to the conclusion that like Warren Buffet does not invest into a business which he can not understand I should not write about a conference I have never attended. Saying that this week my status was like Spidey’s at the desk.


Like fellow bloggers who were celebrating this event with ice cream (#NoFinCon4Me) I was following the events only on Twitter. Two images caught my attention… so I turned them into memes. Hope you guys don’t mind it.

J Money is questioning Pete McPherson‘s blogging skills
Matt, Bobby and Grant probably discussing their courses

Apart from this let me give you some recommendations about what is worth reading from last weeks posts. Enjoy.

The Financial Advantages of Being White

Last week I dedicated a whole Friday Fun episode to the idea of Disney Princess Finances inspired by Piggy from BitchesGetRiches. This week I got impressed by Kitty’s insightful post about a very sensitive topic.



My another favorite girl in the PF blogging scene, Lindsay from NotoriousDEBT published a post which reveals that recently she was busy interviewing 25 debt destroyers about their strategies. As we could be expecting from her she analyzed the answers, numbers, was drawing charts and drew the conclusions like a real professional scientist.


I Bought a House! Sort of…

Ok, now it’s the guy’s round. Sean over at MyMoneyWizard shared good news. He and his girlfriend joined the homeowners club. Congrats for them. Still, I have to admit that the reason why I decided to share this post with you is the good description of the method of his thinking and the smart calculations he made to get to the decision. I think we all can benefit from studying it.


The Good, The Rad and The Ugly

Our beloved Mr.1500 left the 6 months milestone of early retirement behind and wrote a post about his findings so far. This was not only interesting to me because provided a sneak peek behind the scenes of his early retirement schedule but confirmed me that the goal of reaching FIRE is a goal which worth fighting for.



Yeah I know, I feature another coder here and yes I am biased. Deal with it. So Chris at KeepThrifty shared a very detailed description of how should you planning for a mini-retirement. Besides reaching FIRE this is kind of a more tempting (and more realistic) goal and I found this thinking process very useful.


People Are Predictably Irrational

Last but not least I want to bring back the gender balance to parity. Liz from ChiefMomOfficer kindly reminded us for the recent event of Nobel prize in Economics Is Awarded to Richard Thaler. And that his findings are highly related to (or influence?) our PF blogging topics. I think she put a new title on my reading to-do list.


That’s all for today. Hope you liked it and I you will benefit from reading the aforementioned articles. For all of you FinCon dwelling lucky ones: “Have a great time and let your Friday be funny too!”.

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