Funny Friday – Stealth Wealth Edition

Funny Friday – Stealth Wealth Edition

Hey All, yes it seems I am still here. To be honest, I was not sure about continuing this Funny Friday series, however, these were the most popular here. It is a little bit hard to compose a whole set of memes and find a topic as most of the time inspiration comes randomly and for a single meme. This will highly impact the future of these series but will tell more about that next week.

This week the situation was the same when I was reading How Are You Stealthy With Your Wealthy? form J$. I noted that his post could fill a Funny Friday episode and he gave “full permission to do so”. I really liked the article, hiding your wealth is really boosting it under the hood. In the post, there were five bullet points which I want to present here with a meme each, just in reverse order (you will see in the end the reason :)).

#5. I eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 4 days a week

I have no idea about this thing, but many people worship it so it has to be the food of the gods.

#4. I live in a 1,100 sq ft place which is literally the smallest house on the block

This surprised me as this seems a reliable size to me, we are living in a roughly similar sized house. Also, the $2200 monthly rent blew my mind, you could rent a house for a year here (if you find one to let).

#3. I’ve become a pretty good minimalist

This is a trick I am using myself, our laptops are the most expensive things in the house. I have a friend and when we were at his place his father told us “always be sure to lock the doors, otherwise someone could bring in something”.

#2. My clothes are riddled with holes

I am guilty of this too, however, my wife always has an eye on my clothes while doing the laundry. This means that every now and then some hole riddled piece miraculously get lost. Needless to say not my relique clothes which are the only leftovers of my teenage years. Dumping my band name (not brand name) hoodies would be a straight case of divorce.

#1. I rock a mohawk

This point needs no comment. Honestly, I think everybody deserves to have a mohawk at least once in a lifetime. It would change the perspective of the whole world, trust me or just ask Jim from Route To Retire who was brave enough to try it.

Note: it blew my mind when I found this image. Is it just for me or the similarity is strong with this? I imagine J$ like that when he will be appr. 76 years old and picking the brains of youngsters who question his financial skills because of his hear cut.

That’s it for now, share with me in the comments if you liked this series. And stay tuned, I will have news about the future next week. Have a Funny Friday!

4 thoughts on “Funny Friday – Stealth Wealth Edition

  1. Haha! I had thought about getting a mohawk, but that picture at the end of your post just ruined it for me.

    Off now to prep my PB&J for today’s work lunch. 🙂

    1. I used to have a shitty one back in the days. I am eager to have one once more, just my family vetoed so far 😀 But the day will come, I know.

      I will try this thing, just was not able to get a jar so far. However, inspired by American gastronomy this weekend I made American pancakes for the family the first time. Ok, no maple syrup, but the apricot jam was a good fit too.

      Thanks for reading 😉

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