Let me introduce you to Funny Friday

Let me introduce you to Funny Friday

In my previous posts, I was tackling “serious” topics while I was recalling the events of the past. For today I wanted to come up with a more lightweight post. Many fellow bloggers have some kind of periodic post series on a topic and I thought maybe I should develop this habit too. Thus the idea of Funny Fridays was born. Maybe will not be so invaluable like Mr.1500’s Friday Gratitude series, but I hope it will be entertaining.

The concept will be very simple. Every Friday I will publish a chill-out post which will (or will not) follow a topic and will contain 5 (or more, or less) memes with (or without) accompanying explanatory text. I will try to stick to subjects relevant to personal finance but there will be no restrictions. It’s Funny Friday after all.

In this kickoff issue, I’ll give you insights into the start of this blog.

Couple of years ago somehow I bumped into the personal finance blogosphere


Earlier this year I came to a revelation


Then I introduced myself


Shared a crazy hyperinflation story


I started to feel that maybe


I was thinking how can I entertain my folks?


So the solution seemed obvious


What will the future bring? I can’t tell, this is my only advice.


Hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to share with anyone who needs a little cheer-up. Also if you found it funny (or not) share your thoughts with me in the comments.

I will come back with a more serious (or not) post next week. If you don’t want to miss that or future Funny Friday stories subscribe to the newsletter.

4 thoughts on “Let me introduce you to Funny Friday

    1. Thanks, Jason, I had the same thing in mind, just did not have the time yet, but will do this soon. By the way, all three from the Matrix trilogy is awesome, just for the second and third, you have to be able to close out the fancy effects and action and focus on the deeper meaning.

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