Funny Friday – Best Of Edition

Funny Friday – Best Of Edition


This day came earlier than I thought. Today I will finish the Funny Friday series. But don’t be afraid, memes will not disappear from my blog, just they will be published in a different way. My intent with this change is to maximize fun while minimizing time wastage. So, memes will return to the blog in a new way in January, but to give a proper closing to this series I collected the best of them. Enjoy and come back for more fun next year.

Let me introduce you to Funny Friday

This is where everything started.


Cars Edition

Ok, I am biased on this, but this cannot be left out. YUGO forever!

Die Hard Yugo

Rushmore Edition

This was an obvious choice after the news on Monday.


Equifax Edition

It is very sad that this meme is still accurate.


Disney Princess Edition

Yes, I came up with this word game and I like it. Deal with it.


Weekly Roundup

I made this about Mr.1500 but it earned its place here because it is true for so many others too.


Kids Edition

Toddlers, ranting, and beer. I think I don’t have to go into reasoning on this. 🙂

Get a real job!

Bitch please, I am retired!

Actors Edition

They say memes should trigger emotions. Well, I think this possibility did it pretty much.


Black Friday Edition

Still cannot wrap up the conception of Black Friday in a better way.



T.hanks. Siriusly…

Funny Friday THanks

Bitcoin Edition

I started to learn about the phenomenon, but a couple of weeks ago this was my exact state.

Funny Friday - Afraid To Ask

Rant Edition

The credit for this meme goes for someone else, but definitely my favorite from this set. Maybe I have watched finding Nemo too many times?

Funny Friday - Dory

Stealth Wealth Edition

I could not resist picking this one. This guy is badass and awesome even if we take out J$ from the equation. 🙂

Old Mohawk Guy

So that’s all folks. Say farewell to this series and stay tuned for the renewed version of memeing here.

Thanks for following over the weeks and Happy Holidays for everyone!

Christmas is coming

4 thoughts on “Funny Friday – Best Of Edition

  1. Good stuff. We had friends a while back who celebrated T.Hanks Giving. Put on an old Hanks movie from the 80s while we drank and played games. Good times.

    1. Sounds fun. His movies reached us quite a few years later so I enjoyed them in the 90’s. The money pit and Turner & Hooch was my favorites from that era. Thanks for reading.

    1. She is awesome and since I was watching Finding Dory a dozen times with my daughter she became even more dear to me. Nothing can defeat her eternal optimism. Sometimes I envy her mindset. The only important thing is that don’t save like her 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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