10 Questions with Mr. 1500

10 Questions with Mr. 1500

“Hey, look at him, he is alive, the guy who stated that he will get back on track with posting then disappeared.”

I know, I know and you are right. I should have been waking up when September ends. And now it is almost the end of October and all I published is a rant about the Suze Orman phenomenon. She apparently “changed” her mind, btw.

So what happened? Well, I try to stick with a new writing schedule and carve out 1-2 hours at least 2-3 evenings a week. Same time it seems I got more critical towards my writings, I accumulated four drafts so far but was not satisfied with (or did not finish) them. That’s why you have seen no posts. I felt that it would be better if I could publish one good article in a month than one crappier every week.

But don’t afraid, I was actually working on something in the last two weeks. Just not for my own blog. Carl, alias Mr. 1500, reloaded his 10 questions series a few months ago and kindly invited us, blogging noobies to participate. I jumped on the opportunity and did not want to phone it. I think I ended up with more than 20 answers and 3k words. I was tempted to answer them all but many of these would have been non-interesting one-liners so just skipped including those. Just in case you are curious about what would be my answer to any of them let me know in the comments section and I will fill the void.

Yes, that Carl!
So please check out the 22 Questions with [HaltCatchFire] and let me know what you think.


Agree? Disagree? Am I right? Am I crazy?


I would love to hear your opinions! Don’t hesitate to let me know and please be honest, I love constructive criticism.

2 thoughts on “10 Questions with Mr. 1500

  1. I loved reading your answers to one of my favorite series of 2-3 years ago! I didn’t realize the series restarted and now I see there’s a 6 months waiting list 😮

    Sadly, when Carl decided to stop the series I answered the questions on my blog (https://retireinprogress.com/10-questions/)

    Anyway, your expected-to-be-viral post (about hyperinflation in Serbia in the 90s) is awesome!

  2. Thanks for the compliment, I like that post, it is one of the few which is really close to my heart.

    I have read your post back when I discovered your blog, so at least you have some base material for answering the new questions. Not that you have any problems with writing thousands of words or something… 🙂

    Just send over your answers to Carl when you can, the waiting list is changing dynamically, at first my date was 7th of December 😉

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