Funny Friday – Kids Edition

Funny Friday – Kids Edition

<offtopic>This is not connecting to this Funny Friday episode, so you can skip it if you want. Earlier this week I wrote about my relationship with Halloween and that finally, I accepted it. Then it passed by without a single sign. This year I have seen no decorations, except in a supermarket. No kids in costumes wandering the streets and no one rang our bell for trick-or-treating. I was surprised and still don’t know why. Maybe never will.</offtopic>

This week Sam over at Financial Samurai published a post with the title How To Stop Worrying About Your Child’s Future In This Competitive World. I will not discuss the post in depth, go and read, worth the time. Also, I want to note that, despite the debate escalated about if he over-worries his son’s future, I agree with him in every detail. Maybe I am overstressing this topic too, but to be honest my whole journey into personal finance was kickstarted by the birth of my first daughter.

When I first held my daughter in my arms I realized that life will never be the same again and that now I have someone whom I will worry until the day I die. Four years later I have another one girl to worry about. And my mindset about stability and security changed entirely. This is a Funny Friday post, so I will not go into the details (keep them for a future post). Instead here are a handful of memes about the things popped into my mind about this topic. Don’t try to search for a storyline or any structure, this is an “off the top of my head” type of list.


Kids are extremely good in negotiating. Especially if it is about going to bed or eating another slice of chocolate. We should embrace this skill in them instead of suppressing it. What if they would be aware of their financial situation?


Practice what you preach

Like it or not, we are role models to them at least in the early years. Don’t let the lack of interest or attention they keep an eye on your every single move and record everything. Knowing this it is extremely important to practice what you preach.

Practice what you preach - Loan

Practice what you preach - Godfather


You will be responsible for teaching the basic concepts of life, relationships, and finances to them properly.

Basic concepts - FIRE


While you should not force them to choose a career path you prefer, you should totally give them advice and try to protect them from stepping on the wrong path.

Career choice

Family business

Creating a family business, teaching them valuable lessons and then when the time comes passing down the keys to them is an absolutely good thing in my opinion. My father is working in the family business which was started by my grandfather (imagine nothing fancy, there are two workers, he and my grandma). After working for others for 20+ years and got laid down in a very inappropriate way, this was the thing which made him able to provide a living for his family.

Family Business Takeover


Taking the compound interest into account even this blog could develop into a valuable asset which I could leave as an inheritance to my children (or grandchildren). How cool would it be to hand down the site to them?

Get a real job!

Bitch please, I am retired!

That’s all folks for today. Have a Funny Friday and tell me in the comments if you agree, don’t agree or don’t care. Also, the image sharing functionality added this week so you can share individual memes now. Don’t be shy to try this out 😀

4 thoughts on “Funny Friday – Kids Edition

  1. Hah! Great memes.

    Did your worry lessen when you had your second? How did you guys think about going for number two and what was going on in your head? I will probably have this thought process more more in the next 12 months.



    1. Thank you Sam. Actually after second you will have less time and more worry 🙂 Having was not a question at all. Actually I would love to have one more kid, but we will see. The only thing I could tell, if you enjoy having one kid around two will add to that.The only thing that both joy, worry and complexity will increase not on a linear but exponential way 🙂 What keep you from having the second?

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