Interview on

Interview on

Hello Everyone!

Today I am shooting just a short notification towards you that this week I was the lucky guy who got featured on in the latest episode of their Bloggers on FIRE series. You should definitely check out as the questions forced me to think about some aspects of the FI journey which I don’t do often. And of course, I highly recommend checking out the older episodes also 😉

Have a nice weekend and stay tuned as I will come back next week with more interesting content 😉

2 thoughts on “Interview on

  1. Oh boy!
    Your answer to What’s your biggest financial mistake, has hit close to home.

    Had I not wasted years on partying and throwing money ot the window during my university years, I’d probably be financially independent already, or at least 80-90% there.

    However, if i didn’t do that, I would have never taken a gap year to work in Wales, never would have gotten together with an ex primary school classmate, never would have met her roommate and became friends with her, and never would have got together with said roommate after the relationship met it’s inevitable end.

    That roomate has been my girlfriend for the past 12 years, and she shaped my financial thinking and my attitude towards personal health and fittnes, so youknow, pros and cons 🙂

    1. I understand your point. That damn time-space continuum. 🙂
      However, in my case, I cannot really talk about spendthriftiness or endless parties.
      We were more like… adrift. My regret is about wasted potential and opportunity cost.
      Still, I can never question the “if we never went through the stuff we did, we would never become the persons we became” argument.
      Too bad we all have only one life… except cats, they have nine. Lucky bastards 🙂

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